Tuesday = Bluesday?


Does Tuesday really equal Bluesday? Well if it does for you then you need to read the email I got yesterday *all wit/suggestions/comments are credited to Cory Bergen*: “So… Today is Tuesday and Tuesday has no raison d’etre. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Wikipedia it, because it is Tuesday and you feel like ass, so you might as well learn something. To keep your Tuesday from sucking any further, I offer you art from Baron Von Luxxury via the Burning Hotels titled “Stuck In The Middle (Baron Von Luxxury Controls Everything)”.

…and he was right! My sucky Tuesday was better. Now, to make your WEDNESDAY better I recommend listening to this track because it really is that good.

Next up is the track we’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks to come out…It’s A-Trak’s remix of “Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll.” I’ve already gotten really sick of this one, but A-Trak did a great job bringin it back to life. It is most definitely the best remix of the song and a fail safe way to rock a set. To finish off I would like to deviate from Electronic music completely and show you a dope Hip-Hop joint called “(We Are) Champions” by Hey Champ and The Cool Kids….if you heard The Cool Kids’ first album, you’ll know it’s proper hip hop and we all know how good “Cold Dust Girl” by Hey Champ was…so let’s all revel in this diversity and show the world that in music we CAN coexist 😀

The Burning Hotels – Stuck In The Middle (Baron von Luxxury Controls Everything Remix)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix Club Edit)

The Cool Kids x Hey Champ – (We Are) Champions