Inbox Update #?

Alright, starting off this beautiful afternoon with a bleed in from the last post. I meant to post this in the afternoon, but the holiday got in the way. Opps. First off, The Art remix of The Dirty Disco White Room. I can’t say I know what the original sounds like, but the track is pretty dance rock awesome. Second, diving straight into electro, the FiSK remix of Foals. Haven’t heard anything the Foals in a while, which is surprising because they supposedly released an album 2 weeks ago. Something else for me to check out. And lastly, SposhRock‘s mash-up of Ratatat Drugs and Lupe Fiasco Kick, Push. It works surprisingly well. Enjoy!

The Dirty Disco – White Room (The Art Remix)

Foals – Electric Bloom (FiSK Remix)

Ratatat vs. Lupe Fiasco – Pushin’ Drugs (SposhRock Mash-Up)

No Mash-Ups From Me Today


I think someone started something big because I’m starting to see an influx of mash-ups on Hype Machine, like honestly one out of two songs being a mash-up of sorts. It’s actually because this is an inbox update and it seems I receive no mash-ups but rather more remixes via email. Whatever. Starting off with The Dirty Disco remix of Don’t Wait Animate 6174. The track has a great sound to it, I think it’s swaying more towards mainstream techno pop but that doesn’t matter, sounds good. Second track has a slightly annoying intro, don’t let that turn you off though because it gets better. The Trash Yourself remix of Wax Dolls. I’m serious now, it’s like 30 seconds of annoying screeching but it gets really awesome. And lastly, the Chubby Fingers remix of Funk Deluxe Tender Lovin’ which totally has a slightly retro sound.

Don’t Wait Animate – 6174 (The Dirty Disco Remix)

Wax Dolls – Spoiled Rich Bitches (Trash Yourself Remix)

Funk Deluxe – Tender Lovin’ (Chubby Fingers Remix)

April Fools

So today is April Fools day. For those of you who forgot, this is a great reminder before you get tricked. No April fools from me this year, I’m still getting a laugh from last years post. Alright, let’s start this hump day off with a great remix from Boss in Drama of Miami Horror Sometimes. You can watch the video here, it’s a great track. There’s a sound in the remix which I really love. It’s that one key strike synth sound. Not sure how else to explain it, but it’s throughout the track as a beat. Second is I guess more ambiance club remix coming from LightsoverLA of Miike Snow, posted their remix of Two Door Cinema Club last week. And lastly, The Dirty Disco remix of Penguin Prison The Worse It Gets.

Miami Horror – Sometimes (Boss in Drama Remix)

Miike Snow – Billie Holiday (LightsoverLA Remix)

Penguin Prison – The Worse It Gets (The Dirty Disco Remix)