Electros Back, Wait it left?

Oi! Changed a couple things starting with this post. No more Mediafire (or 3rd party links) for one thing, the files will now be hosted off of here although that doesn’t guarantee how long they’ll be up for. I need to figure out how long files should remain available for download. The player has also been updated, it’s much more user friendly now and you should like it. I will update some of the older posts as I come along them, but don’t expect the majority of the older posts to be updated. Now to test it out! First track is the Vim Cortez remix of Kavinsky Nightcall, amazing remix is all I really need to say. The intro is epic, it adds a hard edge to the track which I definitely enjoyed. Finally, some house electro, I definitely regretfully strayed away from that whole genre because there was little new content coming from any of the major artists. Haven’t heard from Justice in a while although they do have an album planned for this year, Daft Punk is on their typical sabbatical, I know they’re the tip of the iceberg of house but they definitely led the scene into mainstream. Anyways, next track is the James Rutledge remix of Ellie Goulding Guns and Horses which is from her most recent single and will be in her upcoming album Lights. And lastly, the Copycat mash-up of The Young Punx Burn Burn Burn and Depeche Mode Photographic. Totally digging the sound from this track.

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Vim Cortez Remix)

Ellie Goulding – Guns And Horses (James Rutledge Remix)

The Young Punx vs. Depeche Mode – Burn Photo Burn (A Copycat Mash)

Post-Olympic Stress Syndrome

Greetings, Humanoids!

So I heard if you hoop E, you get higher or somethin? Anyways, it doesn’t matter, drugs are for teenagers and rich housewives.
So, my lovees, as always I have some goodies for ya. I’ve been gettin a lot of music lately, but there wasn’t an amazing amount of ear catching stuff; it was mostly Dub Step and Electro that was clearly just copy/pastes of big acts like MSTRKRFT and such. I always prefer to showcase a lesser known artist to a bigger act because of the fame and glory part, but if you’re just emulating the big dogs….well, you won’t have much success in making a name for yourself. Hence, stop listening to and focusing on what the popular things are and get workin with some creativity and put yourself into your music. And DON’T forget to send Jon, Dexter, and/or Me the fruits…
Let’s Do This!

Don Diablo – Teen Scream Machine (Nightriders Remix)

WOW! Really REALLY wicked track! Nightriders have been on my radar for about a year or so now and they absolutely MURDER this remix of Don Diablo’s “Teen Scream Machine.” If you dj on a regular basis, you need this track for the ladies; it’ll make’em want to have your kids. And in case you’re a DJane…hey, nothin wrong with some girl-on-girl akceeeon!

Swick – Grow Up (Cassian Remix)

Hey, you know how much I LOVE Disco by now, right? Well, here we go…Cassian’s remix of Swick – Grow Up. Beautiful driving drum line, trumpets, piano, synths, and all that delicious stuff. Just a gorgeous tune ready to flare up the flashin lights…lights…lights

Paolo Barbato – The Violin (Seth Vogt Remix)

I really dig the strings in this track; usually tracks like this can really drop into the cheesy-ass section of Prog House, especially with a violin sample. But this is a very solid production. See how I changed my tone to a bit of a serious one? That’s because I respect Prog House producers the most and it is really hard to execute a good track and respectively, PB and Seth Vogt did a great job with the track. So enjoy!

The Young Punx – Ready For The Fight (Phonat’s Punkstep Remix)

Haha, this never happens…I actually like a DnB track and even care to post it. I know what you’re thinkin, “how can he not like DnB, wtf?” Yeah, well whatever, I don’t like EVERYTHING; to be honest with you, I still don’t get why everyone is on this Dub Step business. HOWEVER, i do like this track and hey, it’s The Young Punx and Phonat, so this has no other option, but to be a real bad-ass track, which it is…so yeah!

Enjoy ya heathens!