Rebuild Stronger

Some administrative stuff to start off this great week, great for a Monday right? Contact method is different now for anyone still emailing me at my old email, that email will no longer work. I was receiving upwards to 50-100 emails a day, at least half of them was spam. Now there’s a nice contact form you can use here. A little more steps to contacting me, but this ensures that I will actually read your email now unless bots figure that out too and spam me to hell again! If you are looking to request content removal or apply to write for Sundtrak, remember to select the contact type in the dropdown.

Also, the music player should now work on your iPhones and iPads because Adobe is being a bitch and removing flash support to everything. Whatever, they probably see it as outdated technology too. However, the player doesn’t seem to work on mobile Firefox without flash. You’ll have to live without for now. The HTML5 player also doesn’t automatically start the next track when it is finished, that will be a work in progress until later.

Now for the music! Starting off with the Viceroy remix of Amtrac‘s Those Days. Great upbeat track with a hint of the 90’s, thank you Viceroy for that, you can hear the original here. Second is the Classixx remix of Passion Pit Take A Walk which has that baseline I love. I can’t even explain why I like the sound so much. And lastly, the Photek remix of Lana Del Rey Ride, a track from her newest album (or EP, whatever) Paradise. I’m a sucker for remixes of her tracks as they turn them upbeat, and you have to admit her voice is magical with a great beat behind it. If you haven’t noticed already, the links are becoming more and more from Soundcloud. That’s not me getting lazy, but it’s the best way for me to support artists and because Soundcloud is such an amazingly music distribution platform, typically they provide a download link with the track. So if you like what you hear, visit the artist’s pages and the Soundcloud links!

Amtrac – Those Days (Viceroy Remix)

Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Classixx Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Ride (Photek Remix)

Rainy Days


No that isn’t Rebecca Black, sheesh. Got some great tracks for you today, and despite them being popular on Hype Machine, I actually found most of them on Soundcloud! What a great place for music. Starting off with a great track suggested from one of you guys, the Plastic Plates remix of Strange Talk Cast Away. Awesome remix, thanks for forwarding it to me, more of this! Second is the RAC remix of Chromeo Bonafied’ Lovin which I though I had heard enough of, but apparently not. Great rendition of the track, I can always trust RAC to properly revamp something. One minute in, such a great sound. Thirdly is the Jay Lamar and Jesse Oliver remix of Viceroy Chase Us Around. Always loved Viceroy, this remix is pretty pleasant, we need to move away from the upbeat sometimes. Leaving off with the Oliver remix of Aeroplane‘s We Can’t Fly… oh so retro electro or funktronica? These guys are great. If you’re looking for the Zimmer mix because you got linked here, it’s on this post.

Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates Remix)

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin (RAC Mix)

Viceroy – Chase us around (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver Remix)

Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Oliver Remix)

Summer IS … not here yet -_-

Woah, what happened to the last month? Went by so quickly I didn’t even notice! Got three great tracks I’ve been saving, by saving I mean listened to and failed to post instantly, smartphone required in immediate future. Starting off with the Madeon remix of Martin Solveig, both of whom I’ve really enjoyed listening to in the past, suggested from a friend. Reminds me slightly of Bag Raiders, please come back to us old friend. Second is the Viceroy remix of St Lucia, I really have to invest some more time into Viceroy, you should too. And lastly, a Fred Falke remix of Theophilus London, you can always count on Fred Falke for a quality remix. Really works well with the vocals as well.

Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon Remix)

St Lucia – Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix)

Theophilus London – Love Is Real (Fred Falke Remix)

Out of Practice


Been a bit AWOL lately, mostly because at least three days a week I’m out of town for work where there isn’t access to the internet or really consistent electricity or running water. Internet access is the least of my worries! In a couple weeks my schedule will shift more towards being in town and of course that means much more posts from me. Anyways, here’s the post of seemingly the month, I hope you like it. First off is the Perseus remix of Mark Ronson Record Collection. It’s a great take on the original, I love the new beat the remix gives the song which really just brings the track more genuinely into retro. Second is the Christian Strobe remix of Lips Everything to me. It’s a bit slower, but I’m really liking the track. And lastly, the Viceroy and Alkamyme remix of Madonna Like A Prayer. I just had to post it…

Mark Ronson – Record Collection (Perseus Remix)

Lips – Everything to me (Christian Strobe Remix)

Madonna – Like A Prayer (Viceroy + Alkamyme Remix)

Washed Out in the 90’s

Well, what I got from these three tracks is that they should be from a soundtrack from the early 90’s. The Oliver Remix of Penguin Prison being the pinnacle of this, got some 90’s chills. Good chills, let’s hope we get the music and not the fashion. Second is another Viceroy remix, of Together So Much Love to Give. And lastly, the SposhRock remix of Washed Out Eyes Be Closed. I’m seeing a bunch of remixes of this track, I’ll have to check them out.

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Oliver Remix)

Together – So Much Love to Give (Viceroy Remix)

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed (SposhRock Remix)