Crushingly Ninja

Seems to be time for my bimonthly post. I really don’t mean it to be bimonthly, but alas, time is limited on my side. Let’s start off with a Plastic Plates remix of The Magician featuring Jeppe. I’ve been posting a lot of Plastic Plates recently, I hope they keep it up. I’ve seen too many of my favorite remix producers either just fade out or go solo and it’s just not the same. I know, there’s no glory in producing remixes, but god damn I love them. Second up is the VillA remix of BENI featuring Mattie Safer Someone Just Like You which has an absolutely amazing beat. Fuck why don’t I hear that more often? Did retro die or something? It’s all this dubstep and textbook techno shit coming out. Which brings me to the last remix, I’m joking I’m joking!! It might be another remix of Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks, but Bridge & Law did a great job doing it. I really liked how the remix flowed, there were some real gem moments in the track, especially when they got creative unlike the majority of the other remixes of this song.

The Magician feat. Jeppe – I Don’t Know What to Do (Plastic Plates Remix)

BENI feat. Mattie Safer – Someone Just Like You (VillA Remix)

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Bridge & Law Remix)