Well, times are changing. I think the online music movement has progressed quite nicely in the last decade; official music streaming is the norm now with great paid services like Spotify, whatever Apple is coming out with, and free ones like Soundcloud, Hype Machine, Youtube. These weren’t around or weren’t popular enough when I started blogging in 2006, at the time Myspace was the most popular. What is Myspace even now? In light of this, I have removed all the old posts from the blog and am starting fresh.

Not to worry, those posts still exist securely hidden far away from anyone’s reach, but I need to update them to meet today’s music blogging standards. In other words, remove any links and replace them with streaming or official equivalents. Admittedly it will be a daunting task with 620 posts. Good news is in addition to making new posts, you will slowly see old posts come back. Slowly but surely.

Cherry Blossoms


I had a lot of time to explore what has come out the last couple of months, basically listened to music non-stop on the side. First thing I did was go through the Hype Machine time machine, a great new feature that wasn’t there a couple years ago. One week stood out among the others and essentially the entire list is pure gold; not just remixes but the bulk of the tracks on there! Check it out, it’s the first week of October, 2014. Obviously it’s not hard to post from a top hit list, but I’m getting back into it slowly!! I’ll just include the first couple tracks on here. Loving the first two remixes and was totally taken by BØRNS 10,000 Emerald Pools, which was super misleading as he has a very ambiguous sounding voice. Although the more I listen to the track, the more it sounds like a it is a him singing the song.

Labrinth – Let It Be (TORN Remix)

Eminem – Business (Matoma Remix)

BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools

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Beep Beep

japan backtothefuture

Kind of dreaming of going to Asia, wish I was there now. Got three tracks collected for this post, I found they all have similar base beats (unintentional), maybe that’s how I’ve been feeling the last month. First off is the Lost Kings remix of Halsey Ghost, which reminded me slightly of CHVRCHES. I actually had to double check I wasn’t getting this completely wrong. In the spirit of watching plenty of 90’s movies, the Nigel Good remix of Louis Vivet‘s cover of Eagle-Eye Cherry‘s Save Tonight. That was a mouthful. Lastly the Rad Stereo remix of The Notorious B.I.G. Sky’s The Limit, admittedly it sounds nothing like the original but loving the beat. I am realizing that everything is posted on Soundcloud, I should just do more Soundcloud posts.

Halsey – Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Louis Vivet – Save Tonight (Nigel Good Remix)

The Notorious B.I.G. feat. 112 – Sky’s The Limit (Rad Stereo Remix)



Alright everyone, easing back into things and decided to make a post on here with my traditional three track post. Had some of these tracks sitting on my desktop collecting digital dust. First one, I would like to thank Sam for getting me back into the electro mood with Robert Parker. Second up is the Plastic Plates remix of Sia‘s Chandelier. I actually really like Sia and that’s despite the radio blasting her music constantly. The remix is a great take on the track as you would expect from Plastic Plates, but I still like the original! Lastly, the awesome Urban Contact remix of Freedom Fry’s The Wilder Mile. The remix is kind of a gateway to the original track, check it out. You know, I spent a good month or two trying to think of a way to reinvent Sundtrak like making it mobile friendly, restructuring posts, introducing a new music player, but in the end I really got nowhere. I’d love to hear your suggestions though, hopefully with an easy implementation.

Robert Parker – Interstellar Traveller

Sia – Chandelier (Plastic Plates Remix)

Freedom Fry – The Wilder Mile (Urban Contact Remix)

Goldroom – Otoño Mix 2014

Couldn’t resist posting this mix, although it doesn’t need much more publicity with almost 90k plays and being #2 on the Hype Machine popular list, it is an awesome mix by Goldroom. Admittedly it has a summer feel to it throughout, it is a nice listen.

1. D/A/D – Terminal
2. Goldroom – Till Sunrise (feat Mammals)
3. Dawn Golden – All I Want (Manila Killa Remix)
4. Yasmine Hamdan – Deny (Holmes Price Remix)
5. Estate & Liquid Pegasus – Tendency (Satin Jackets Remix)
6. Glen Check – Paint It Gold (Anoraak Remix)
7. Bondax – All I See (Darius Remix)
8. Panama Wedding – All Of The People (Option 4 Remix)
9. LeSonic – All The Lights (NTEIBINT Remix)
10. Jardin Studio Orchestra – Runnin’ Out Of Night (Ray Mang Mix)
11. Architecture In Helsinki – I Might Survive (Goldroom Remix)
12. Le Loups – Colourblind
13. Ninetones – Finder
14. Alex Metric – Heart Weighs A Ton (Cassian Remix)
15. Casino Gold – Sunbeams
16. Zak Waters – Out Of My Head (Tobtok Remix)
17. RUFUS – Sarah (Touch Sensitive Remix)